Interactive Presentations
  Video Production
  CD-ROM & Custom Kiosk Design
  Product Demo's
  CBT's & e-Learning
  CD-Business Cards
  360 - Degree VR's
  DVD- Authoring
  3D-Modeling & Animation
Multimedia & CD-ROM Development:
With the constant expansion of a need for modern and alternative ways to promote their products and services.
The techno-innovators at Treble Media have been following the latest innovations in digital technology. We have been producing CD-ROM, DVD's and Company Presentations, Product demos, 3D modeling, which can be utilized as reference in the industry.
By combining the latest developments in digital technology and Know-how, we have set the standards for the term MULTIMEDIA and have helped our clients gain the crucial edge over their competitors.
Multimedia CD-ROMs provide a complete interactive marketing solution for businesses and organizations to get their message across. As the best form of in-hand marketing, CD-ROMs let you do what print and web cannot: deliver a message to your customer that will stick with them forever.
How can a CD-ROM be used?
At Creative Tomorrow, we custom create a jam packed multimedia experience that can showcase:
Our Multimedia Services Include:
  • Interactive Presentation
  • CD-ROM and Custom Kiosk design
  • Product Demo's
  • CBT's & e Learning
  • CD-Business Card
  • DVD-Authoring
  • 3D-Modeling & Animation
  • Film & Video
What can be included on a CD-ROM?
You can add music, video, text, images and animation to give your CD-ROM a compelling atmosphere for your viewers.
What are the advantages?
One advantage a CD-ROM provides is its value. If you give someone a business card, they will more than likely throw it away or no telling what may happen to it. On the other hand, give someone a CD-ROM, and they will look at it right away and will more than likely never throw it out. Now that's a marketing tool.
What works best?
The Multimedia CD-ROM is perfect for trade show handouts or company profiles and portfolios or anyone who wishes to hand out a very informative multimedia presentation.
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